Permanent Jewelry Pricing






*up to 16″. $5/in over 16 inches.

14k gold filled chains

Our gold-filled jewelry is crafted with a solid layer of 14k gold that is expertly bonded to a base metal. Unlike thinner gold-plated jewelry, our gold-filled chains boast a gold layer that’s 100 times thicker.

This means your jewelry won’t wear off or tarnish over time. In fact, due to the substantial gold coating, every necklace in our collection guarantees a minimum of 5% genuine 14k gold content.

sterling silver chains

If you prefer the elegance of silver, our 925 sterling silver chains are the perfect choice. These chains offer a timeless and durable option for those who appreciate the beauty of silver jewelry.

Elevate your style with our stunning sterling silver Chains, designed to complement your permanent jewelry seamlessly.