Join us at Permanent Jewelry Pop-Up Events

Discover the Joy of Permanent Jewelry at Local Businesses

What are POP UP events?

EverJoy Jewelry brings the complete experience to local businesses, setting up our welding station, showcasing our beautiful chains and charms, and creating custom-fit permanent jewelry right on the spot. It’s a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to offer their customers something unique, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Where do POP UP Events take place?

Our POP UP Events can be found in various local hotspots, including coffee shops, yoga studios, beauty salons, spas, and restaurants. It’s a hassle-free way to get your hands on EverJoy Permanent Jewelry without needing to book a private party. Just drop in by yourself or bring along your family and friends during our POP UP hours. Treat yourself to gorgeous and stylish permanent jewelry at your convenience.

Stay updated with our upcoming POP UPs!

For the latest information on our POP UP Events, follow us on Instagram. Be the first to know about our next exciting pop-up location!

Interested in hosting a POP UP at your business?

We’re always thrilled to collaborate with other local brands. By providing us with a small space in your boutique, salon, or studio, you can introduce new and returning customers to your business. Let’s discuss the details and make it happen!

Book a permanent jewelry Pop-Up event today.

Ready to experience the joy of permanent jewelry? Join us for a POP UP Event hosted at your business. It’s a convenient way to discover stylish and everlasting jewelry while supporting your community.